Thursday 28 June 2012

Storage Security

Now some time ago I wrote here about a storage security area that I was interested in (self encrypting drives within arrays), now I see that there are again updated documents and specifications from TCG on this area at :-

I'm also hearing from vendors that there 'effectively little/no' disk drive availability in the market that supports this standard - and hence array manufactures are diverging into their own kludges...

To be clear though, I don't see this as a prime means of security - I fully subscribe to 'protect information, and protect it from point of creation/ingestion' - but I see this as a useful tool to aid with drive swaps & array disposals...

So my questions are :-
a) Is anybody interested in this topic area?
b) What are people seeing / hearing in this area?


  1. Another article about data storage and architecture, and this time round it is about the security of it. It is good to read articles like this, even if some are backdated. Just saying, since I have been interested in such due to my brother who introduce me to data storage and cloud computing.

  2. Is disk-level encryption sufficient?