Monday 26 August 2013

Hic :)

So just a couple of additions to the bar this week, one day I'll get around to updating the full inventory - and one very happy week I'll get around to updating all my tasting notes :)

Oh and a quick update to the 'Grail Items' list on the blog - needless to say I've joined the crowd hunting the whisky unobtanium which is Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 20yr so I'll be spending less time correcting IT vendor's crud, whilst I search the planet for (the only?) decent Bourbon around...


Friday 16 August 2013

Still Here :)

Well contrary to popular belief (or is that wishes), I'm still around!

Just to prove it, I've done a brief update to the bar to reflect this month's new whisky additions... When I get chance I'll do a full stock-take and update it properly.

Needless to say I'm still very much involved in large scale global enterprise IT infrastructure, services and cloud - but feel less inclined to shout about it nowadays (more of that in another blog post).

In off-topic areas, we just spent another superb night at Midsummer House in Cambridge, not leaving until 01:30 with excellent service... And the same weekend I seem to have acquired a rather special artwork by James Mylne (warning link includes 'artistic image' - needless to say my wife & bank manager are giving me funny stares at the moment...

Oh and I've taken up tennis (in order to try and catch-up to my daughter & son), so watch out for stray yellow orbs flying in random directions!

More soon :)