Sunday 1 April 2012

Happy New Year

So yes I'm still here, yes I'm still much the same, and doing much of the same as usual.

So why the 'Happy New Year'? Firstly to apologise for the oversight of missing to say so on Jan 1st (I blame too much work), but also to usher in a new finance year for the UK (and many global corporates) on April 1st.

So the new-FY always means chaos at the end of the previous finance year, from tidying up asset registers, receipting orders, ensuring old budgets are spent correctly, ensuring new budgets have been secured.  Oh and of course there's always the end-of-year deals to close, vendors selling their first born to hit revenue targets, negotiations to secure the renewal of license & support deals to ensure we don't have to switch off tens of thousands of servers today etc.

Naturally some weeble in Human Resources also decides that this is a great time to key many annual HR processes & events around. So just to add to the mix we normally have reorgs, holiday years, head-count & cost centre mngt, performance dialogues, performance grading calibration, rewards & recognition to sort out.

All in all, lots of 7 day weeks, a few over-nighters and frayed nerves during the corporate grind of the new year - much like quarterly stock market reporting, I do think that there has to be a better way.

My New-Years resolutions :-

  • Less time on work; much more time with family & friends
  • When I am at work, to raise the bar higher, firmer & quicker than ever before

So I hope you had a good new year, I'm having a few hours off in order to work out which way is up and recharge the weasel-word detector, before the next year on the treadmill commences.

Oh, and I've updated the bar at :)

(oh and I promise to post some of the 120+ draft blog posts soon!)

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