Sunday 10 January 2010

"StorageBeers On Tour" Motorsport Event?

Ok so there are a few motorsport fans follow this blog - so my thought is that we could have an informal "StorageBeers on Tour" camping, beer & cars meet at one of the following events :-
  1. Le Mans - 12-13th June 2010
  2. Goodwood FOS - 2-4th July 2010
  3. Spa F1 GP - 27-29 August 2010
For Le Mans we normally plan to arrive on the Wed or Thurs before the race, and return on the Monday morning - driving there & back and staying in Maison Blanche.

For Goodwood FOS we normally arrive Thurs night or Fri morning and lave on Sun evening - staying at a local campsite a couple of miles away (with electricity).

These are not a football/stag-do events, but rather relaxed weekends, camping, cooking dead animal, hunting decent coffee, watching cars, sharing beer & whisk(e)y into the night.

So if anybody is up for something please let me know and I'll work out the costs etc :)

Update to add some cost estimates (very estimate - and assuming 2 people per car) :-

Camping & Ferry etc £169
Race tickets (Bronze 3 day) £160

Camping (3 nights - 2 people per pitch) £35
Passes (3 day roving) £100

Le Mans
Camping (MRI in Maison Blanche) & Ferry etc £165
Race tickets (not grandstand) £70

Add petrol, beer & food, speeding fines etc :)

Which is the preferred car event?

1 comment:

  1. Definetly Spa for me Ian. I'll have to check what the family holiday plans are first though.