Wednesday 6 January 2010

OT - UK Winter Wonderland

Well as no doubt anybody seeing the news will have heard that the UK has suffered a couple of snow-flakes in the last few days, and as a result there is mass reporter hysterial, panic buying & shops, road gridlock, trains running hours late (if at all), schools shut and little work attendance.

So whilst walking to drop my son of to nursery this morning I took a few pictures of where we live :-

The intrepid explorer himself

And it was this pic above where my foot went through the frozen lake ice - gave me a little shock but no harm done.

Might go to the ski challet later to find Gluwine :)

Think I'll be staying indoors as much as possible with a nice warm cup of coffee :)


  1. These are nice pics but seems either blue tint was applied or if this is the true colors than quite different than what we get in New England.
    Stay warm

  2. ahhh that's from my HTC Magic phone - not bad pics from a pocket phone. Will take my Canon EOS this afternoon :)