Friday 7 August 2009

Video Time

No it's not a StorageRap or WheelCam style video, but rather a simple round up of some infrastructure related videos on the web that I've found interesting.

Firstly, Simon Wardley (Canonical – Ubuntu), talking a lot of common sense (something missing from the 'traditional major IT vendors) on cloud computing - brilliant, entertaining & very accurate...

Some interesting videos showing the scale & nature of a number data-centre infrastructure designs and the differences in their approaches :-

Google's Container DCs

Microsoft OS Cloud Windows Azure Data Center

Oracle's Austin Data Center

HP's POD & Next Gen DCs

As usual there definitely isn't a 'one size fits all' answer to the DC of the future, but I can certainly see the use of both 'factory', 'container' and 'traditional' DCs within any large enterprise going forward - will be very interesting to see how the tools, technologies, people & culture adapt to work with each & all of these plus of course the cloud IaaS provided 'virtual DCs' of the future...

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