Saturday 8 August 2009

Infrastructure Conferences

Boring I know, but here's the list of infrastructure & storage events that (all being well) I should be attending in the coming months :-

  • CloudCamp London - next one London Sept 24, 2009 6pm to 10 pm
  • IP Expo - London Earls Court Oct 7-8 2009 (thanks StorageZilla)
  • StorageExpo - London Olympia, 14/15 Oct 2009 (one day only)
  • SNW Europe - Frankfurt, Oct 26/27/28 2009
  • EMC Intl Customer Council (invite only) - Prague Nov 2009
  • CloudExpo London
  • Cisco Networkers - Barcelona Jan 25-28 2010
  • Cebit 2010 - Hannover March 2-6 2010 (one day only)
  • VMWorld Europe 2010 - in Oct 2010 in Cannes (if it occurs)

Like most people I find the peer disucssion the most useful, but add to that the ability to speak directly and candidly with the relevant empowered decision makers, and the events are a lot more than the 'jolly' some people think of them. Trust me you know my views on business travel by now, and I wouldn't be attending if I didn't think it valuable...

If you're attending any of the above then let me know, hell I might even ask you to buy me a beer! :) If you know of any other good events re data-centre infrastructure or cloud topics then let me know and I might attend and buy you a beer! :)


  1. Hi Ian,

    I will be at SNW Europe. We should meet and I will buy you a beer.

    Shaun Walsh

  2. Shaun - thanks we should do that, love to discuss more re E3S?

  3. Ian, will be manning some SVC stuff at StorageExpo (all being well) and have been asked to give a keynote at SNW Frankfurt - some beers def after that one!