Tuesday 4 October 2011

That time of year....

Well it's that time of year again.

When tens of thousands of fanboys (& fangirls) flock to the west coast of the USA to watch, listen to and worship a benevolent dictator, regarded by the fanboys as almost a messiah, impart the golden missives that will fuel their blinkered direction for the next twelve months...

Now of course, this is either the latest #EvilFruitSeller product release or #CrazyIvan's SnoracleWorld marketing branwashing fiction fest...

So which should you go to? well would it surprise you if I said - "neither, spend your time with your friends & family". Frankly speaking both are about as little value to the average enterprise customer...

Whilst of course both operate an artificially dominante position in certain segments, and certainly market above their stations, they do clearly set certain parts of the IT agenda - BUT frankly as far as I can see there's little point in attending as whatever happens will happen just the same regardless.

Some assorted personal thoughts about both companies :-
  • neither is worth trying to engage with dialogue in as neither empowers their staff to have any meaningful dialogue
  • neither entity listens & changes their ideas or directions easily
  • both companies are most certainly driven strongly with clear internal direction
  • both entities are driven by a singular personality - undoubtedly clever & focused, but one that makes decisions in a seemingly random & emotional fashion
  • both companies will have to undergo major changes in the public view & internal structure of their senior management teams
  • both companies will this week announce new instances of their proprietary lock-in technologies
  • both companies trade on emotions & subjective reasoning in the customer base, with little challenge by the fanboys to their cost models or purported benefits 
  • both companies are aggressive & arrogant in their manipulation of perceived position in terms of creating lock-in, eroding open standards and attempting to eliminate competition
  • both companies specialise in competing with their partners
  • both companies have made significant direction changes with their strategies and technology offerings
  • both companies have the attention of senior management in their customer bases, and will most certainly drive a number of key areas in the near future
There's plenty more, but let's see how the announcements play out first :)

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