Tuesday 22 February 2011

@Twitter Vs @Twitdroyd

So this weekend was an interesting one in the twittersphere. On Friday twitter decided to suspend UberMedia client products for some rather unclear reasons.

Now for years there has been tension between platform owners and platform access gateways. With the company behind @twidroyd rumoured to 'gate' up to 20% of twitter usage there are clearly bigger games at play.

So what did I personally learn from & get reminded about from this :-

1) my main usage of twitter is now via my Android Nexus One phone

2) Twidroyd is by far the best android twitter application - I tried twitter www mobile, twitter native app, tweetdeck & tweetcaster. Whilst tweetcast was the best it was still frustratingly poor compared to @twidroyd

3) I now use twitter as my first point of call to gauge the pulse on both the IT industry & world events

4) That I spend money, and am now 'dependent' on, cloud services that I have no SLA or control over

A minor blip for sure, but I'm expecting quite a few more of these in the future as providers go through the wrangling re who "owns" the customer & the data they create...


  1. Plume, formerly Touiteur, has been my #1 on Android for a while. Tweetcaster is another great one. Twitter for Android has recently had a face lift that makes it more usable, but it's still not up to par w/ the rest. Twidroid is one I haven't used at all yet, but didn't UberMedia also just acquire Tweetdeck?
    Twitter has been aggressive in the past, let's hope they soon realize they're place as a service provider and let the ecosystem cover utility apps.

  2. My biggest challenge with using Twitter (or Hootsuite) on my iPhone is the interface means I am less likely to tweet on it simply cause I hate using it as a keyboard.
    Is the Android phone any better or worse for this?