Friday 19 March 2010

Leaving... or just a wider circle of work colleagues?

Ok so this isn’t a blog entry I wanted to write, nor is it one that feels good but…

My long term manager @nicsut is leaving our company today in order to work both in a different company and country. The thing is that this location and new role is fantastic for Nick & his family, both personally and professionally - so you have to be happy for him no matter how sad you might feel.

Now over the years Nick hasn’t just been a colleague, then manager, but he’s been a mentor to me on both a personal & professional level. Certainly, and by no means least, Nick’s been a good friend, confidant, very very tolerant of my regular rants - I've certainly learnt something from him every day.

If you are lucky enough to meet or work with Nick, spend some time with him, listen, learn and enjoy – it most certainly will be worth your time!

So Nick, just remember, Paris is only a quick phone call or train journey away for me to ask for your advice, as your shoes really are very big ones to fill…

Bon Voyage, le vin est pour moi la prochaine fois!

ps Do you think below might be an acceptable excuse for me? :)

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