Thursday 30 July 2009

Hello World

So finally after commenting & replying on other people's blogs, and ranting regularly on twitter I have succumbed to a little blog of my own.

Well it's all a little sparse and empty right now in this new home - but I'm sure that'll change over time :)

I suspect a fair bit of the content will go like :-
10 have issue or opportunity
20 meet vendor or read research
30 get given FUD or hype
40 challenge
50 work out better method
60 goto 10
Similarly content is likely to be batched given my workload and travel schedules - don't expect daily updates...

So are there any topics that people would specifically want me to noodle over?

So for now I'll leave it at "Hello World" and see where we go...


  1. Hello back! It's great to have you here! I'm definitely looking forward to another pair of eyes on the storage manufacturers!

  2. Welcome to the Storage Blogosphere, looking forward to your posts with an insight from a customers perspective.


  3. Finally, a blog where I can keep up with the programming! Welcome to the storage blogosphere, looking forward to seeing more than 140 characters at a time from you.

  4. Welcome - always good to have more end users talking out here.


  5. It's a good sign when a Basic program have all lines # end with 0
    Welcome to the blogsphere